20170616_182338This is…kind of awkward.  I mean, I could just keep things short and sweet, but then I’m not even sure what I’d say.  Or I could put my whole life story here, but nobody wants to read that.  Well, maybe some of you do, but that creeps me out a little.

So I guess I’ll say that I’m an avid gamer who’s set her sites on a career in games journalism.  I’m woefully aware of the fact that it’s a difficult field to break into, but hey: something something you miss 100% of the shots…you know the rest.

At the time of writing, I do freelance articles for Cubed3 and GameSpew on a voluntary basis while also balancing work/school and trying not to starve to death.  It’s a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it, right?

See you on the other side,