20160926_172831This is…kind of awkward.  I mean, I could just keep things short and sweet, but then I’m not even sure what I’d say.  Or I could put my whole life story here, but nobody wants to read that.  Well, maybe some of you do, but that creeps me out a little.

So I guess I’ll say that I’m a Computer Science major entering my fourth year of university.  My head is absolutely buzzing with confusion and a need for self-discovery, plus I’ve started to feel like my current career path maybe isn’t what’s best for me.  As a result, I figured the only logical course of action was to start a blog.  Actually, you can thank my aunt for that suggestion.  But hey, it’s something, right?

Maybe I can update this one day when I have more of a sense of how to tell someone about myself, but for now, what you see is what you get!  Hope it’s to your liking, and if it’s not…well…I mean, that’s like, your opinion, mang.  :J